• Safety

    We go to great lengths to ensure your safety. There are marshalls stationed around the track, as well as two in the pits. There is a fire response vehicle on standby, as well as an ambulance and two medics for the full duration of the trackday.

    However, the safe condition and operation of your vehicle is up to the driver/owner. Your vehicle will not be professionally inspected at the track, so it is best to give everything a once-over before going out on circuit.

  • Insurance

    Our company has public liability insurance in place in the case of personal injury caused by potential negligence. However it would be impossibly expensive to insure each individual vehicle and so you must be comfortable with your own insurance arrangements. Generally, regular comprehensive vehicle insurance does not cover track use of the vehicle. Special, once-off track use insurance is available from third party providers. Please mail or WhatsApp us should you need the contact details of such a company but please note that Trackday.co.za is not legally affiliated with this company in any way.

  • Helmets

    Helmets are compulsory for drivers AND your passengers. Any helmet will do, except for those silly ones some people wear when they ride a Vespa. But any good motorbike, motocross, full face or open face helmet will suffice. If you don’t own one, they are not hugely expensive from motorbike shops, or perhaps you can borrow one from a friend. We can however help you find or rent a helmet if needs be but we'll need to know of these requirements at least a week before the event.

  • Vehicle Warranty

    If your car is new and still under the manufacturer warranty, it is possible that if the dealership and/or manufacturer becomes aware that your vehicle was driven on a racetrack, that they may void your warranty. It is best to check your warranty schedule for clarity.

  • Type of vehicle

    All road-legal vehicles are welcome. If it has a licence disc, it can go on track. We regret no racecars are allowed.

  • Fuel

    Your car will be thirsty around the track and consume far more fuel than usual. It is advisable to arrive with close to a full tank so that you don’t have to leave to fill up, and so that you can make it home afterwards.

  • Wear and tear

    Your tyres and brakes will experience elevated levels of wear and tear, however it depends very much on how you drive the car. A good idea is to over inflate your tyres to protect the side walls, you can inflate to around 2.7 bar.

    Road car brakes are generally not built for track use and you will experience brake fade on the track if you repeatedly late brake. It is relatively easy to avoid this by braking early and using engine braking to slow the car down into corners. There is a term known as “mechanical sympathy” - if you abuse your vehicle it will likely have some implications for increased wear and tear

    At our trackdays, the aim is not to break lap records, it is just to have fun and enjoy your vehicle. Approached this way, some track use will not significantly accelerate tyre or brake wear on your vehicle.

    Ideally, everyone should drive home with a perfectly functioning vehicle and a smile on their faces.

  • No timed laps

    We will not be timing you in any way and we encourage you not to time yourself. The idea is just to have fun at high speeds in a safe environment, free of pedestrians, potholes and the police.

  • Risk of damage

    Driving your vehicle at high speeds on a racetrack will always carry some risk. We ask our clients to respect each other around the track, give each other space, and allow faster cars to overtake.

    Most of the time while you are out on track, you will feel like you have the track to yourself. The reality is that Killarney, for instance, is 2.7km long. With only 8 cars on track, that means that each car has over 330m of tarmac all to themselves, if everyone is spaced out equally.