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Membership is free and is open across South Africa. Our events will not be advertised, the only way to hear about them is by joining the club. 

By joining our club, you will be the first to hear about upcoming events in your area. 

You will also regularly receive exclusive discount codes from our preferred service providers in the automotive world, which we personally curate and distribute. 

The club events are a great way to network with fellow motoring enthusiasts from around SA.

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How it works

Before the Day

  • On our Home page or Book Now page you will find the date of the next event
  • Secure your booking by paying either buying a ticket on this website with your credit card or alternatively, you can EFT us directly and email your proof of payment to See our EFT details on the Payments page EFT Payment Details
  • There are limited bookings available for each event. Payment must therefore be received before the event in order to secure your booking. 
  • A booking is per vehicle, not per driver. Up to three drivers may share the booking for a single vehicle.
  • The mandatory dress code for driving on the circuit is long sleeves, long trousers, closed shoes and a helmet for drivers AND helmets for passengers.
  • It is best (and most hygienic) if you can bring your own helmet/s, however if you are stuck, we can facilitate a rental in advance, just drop us an email.
  • Spectators, family and friends are most welcome! If the event is in Cape Town, the Joubert Pits Lounge will be opened for drivers and their guests for the duration of the event and will have coffee, soft drinks and snacks for sale. Other race tracks may or may not have similar hospitality venues.
  • The onus is on the Driver/Owner for all insurance covering their vehicles and making sure that their vehicle is properly maintained and track-ready. Please read our FAQs for more info
  • Please read the refund and cancellation policy on the main menu.

how it works

On the Day

Drivers and guests are to arrive one hour before the track time starts. It is imperative that everyone going on track signs the indemnity form(s).

A driver briefing will be held approximately 20 minutes before track time begins.

Drivers will be issued with a green arm band which entitles the driver to free refreshments throughout the day.

The actual time on track is 4 hours in total. There will be 32 vehicles at the track. Vehicles will be divided into 4 groups of 8 vehicles, with similar vehicles grouped together, based on vehicle power output.

One session consists of one out lap, three hot laps and one cool down lap in which you return to the pits. This takes approximately 10 minutes.

While group A is on track, group B gets ready to go out, and so on. While group D is out, we start again with group A. There are no breaks in proceedings. You are welcome to drive as many sessions as you like, generally we find that most drivers are satisfied by three sessions.

You do not have to go out for each session, you can opt to skip a session and you may end your trackday at any time, you are welcome to depart or remove your green armband and grab a beer.

Guests and passengers are welcome at no charge, but please email or WhatsApp us to let us know how many guests/passengers you are bringing.

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